Language only works on backend.

Hello everyone,

I am totally new here (I only downloaded and installed (or at least tried to)) Shopware today.

I have one serious problem which I cannot find the answer to:

I downloaded and installed the Dutch language pack, entered all the necessary settings (or so I think: sset all the other things I thought to be relevanret Belgium as default country, saved the language in localisation, and  did all the other things I thought to be relevant, however:

everything in my backend and in my plugin manager is in Dutch, with no problem, but the frontend (the shop itself) stays in German/English.

Has anybody got any idea what I could have done wrong or does anyone know the right questions to ask me so I can make things clearer on the mistake(s) I might have made?

Thank you very much in advance.


Have a look at this: Shopware 5 - Settings - Shop Settings Shops

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