Import without UUID


I want to do a mass update based on productNumber without knowing the UUID. I would say, according to the docs it would be possible. It says you can .

For example, you can specify that the productNumber must now be specified instead of the UUID when importing products. The UUID is thus replaced by another identifier, the product number.

But when I want to save the import profile, it says it needs the id (which is the UUID). Is it possible to do this without the UUID?

In detail: I would like to upload a csv with 1 column of productNumbers and 1 column of a certain tag. (Let’s say „Top 100 item“), so I don’t have to edit them one by one manually.

You need the UUID as a column, but it can be blank for the single rows.

Shopware needs a way to identify the article, thus the productNumer ist necessary in your case without a UUID.