Import manufacturers from CSV

I would like to know if there is a way to import manufacturers from a CSV file ?
Importing a CSV is working fine, but the entity Manufacturer seems not to be present …

I tried to look into the code if I had the possibility to add an entity to the import/export pannel, but I did not found anything. Just a hard coded list in some templates, that make me think it’s not possible …

So, maybe am I missing anything, but I found the „template“ system very flexible, linked to the „DAL“, I thought I could add any ntity to the import/export (and why not my own entities ?)


PS : I’m new on shopware, and I really like the way things are done, and I have some great projects, so… I hope the english community is reactive :wink:

No, it is not possible.

You need to write a import profile. Unfortunately, shopware does not support manufactures yet. You could extend the import module to create an manufacturer import file…

I have never done this, so i cannot tell you why you cannot import any entity.

I had the same problem and I solved it with a simple n8n workflow. The workflow retrieves the manufacturers from a Google Sheet and adds them via the Sync API to Shopware. So you just need to add your CSV data to a Google Sheet and can do it the same way.

Here you can find the workflow template.

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Hey nice info! Do you know how to extend the import file so you can add descriptions in different languages?

Sure! I have updated the Google Sheet and the n8n workflow template. You can find all instruction at the workflow template description.