Import/Export plugin - from what-ever e-shop to ShopWare?

Hi Guys…

Need some help, I can’t seem to find a plugin that has the Doc. on it i can read befor buyin it.

I need a plugin that can take exportet cvs or some other fils, from WooCommerse, Magento, Presta or what ever e-shop system and can put it in Shopware.

So if I have a customer that have a WooCommerce e-shop and wants to come to Shopware, I can witdraw his shop with test, pic and all, and put it in Shopware easy…

Is there a plugin for that?

And. I did a test shop were I out in 50 dif. produckts, and catogiers, colors, sizes and so on, exportet the file, and updatet to the new shop, and want to import the cvs file now, and it’s not working.
the Error it comes whit is this:
CONTENT__MEDIA_UPLOAD: Could not open source stream from

Dos this means I have lost all of my produckts? I have try some dif. ways to import it, but I cant :frowning:


anybody that can help? :slight_smile: