If you have 1 year experience in Symfony does it automatically mean that you know Shopware?

I am a total newb with Shopware…started working one week ago with it, but I can’t say everything is same like in Symfony.

Can someone answer the question from the title and how much time does someone need to learn to develop in Shopware?

Hey ertuzio,

as Shopware is a software which is devoloped for over 15 years, it could of course not be a full-stack Symfony application  Wink

The main core parts are based on Zend Framework 1. But started with Shopware 5.0 we include more and more Symfony components. Going full-stack Symfony would result in a major break, which would have affect on everything: plugins, extension, templates, etc. That’s why we haven’t done this step yet. But we are working on this: https://developers.shopware.com/labs/housekeeping/ GitHub - shopware/shopware at labs 
So in the future it will be much more easier for Symfony developers to adapt to Shopware. For now you will have to learn the Shopware way  Smile 

Fee free to ask question here in the forum and/or on IRC. Also use our developer docs.

Best regards from Schöppingen

cool Michael Telgmann


That documentation is somehow not compatible with new version of Shopware 5.2.6^

I even have the book but I can’t find the things that i need to make this:

extend a block in smarty template but apply it only to DE shop…how do you do that in Shopware?


you are able to set a different theme for each shop http://en.community.shopware.com/_detail_1837.html 

So simply change the block only in the theme for the DE shop 

Best regards from Schöppingen

cool Michael Telgmann

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