How to show content/blog at homepage?


I have created two blog article. I want to show this blog on the homepage.
When I can see in the debug console,  ‘$sBlog’ not show. So how it can be possible??
Please assist in resolving the issue. 

No one can able to answer my question


lf nobody replies, I guess it’s ok to bump the thread by posting a reply by yourself after 1 day (not to often please as it’s unfair for other user’s which  are more patient). If you start bumping this thread every few hours image how it would look like if everybody would do that. 

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@simkli schrieb:

Thanks for your advise but i need a solution urgent. This is the reason behind my patient.


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It is totally unclear what you want.

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@BestShopPossible schrieb:

I want to show a blog title, Description and other details on Homepage.

following screenshot about what i want.