How to reset overridden shopping experience values?

Hey guys,

I have created a shopping experience layout for categories. It contains a text block. I am using this layout for a couple of categories but overwrite this text block just in one category X with some custom text. I now changed the default text in the shopping experience and want all categories (including category X!) to display the new text. How can I get rid of the overwrite in X? I do not want to copy and paste the new default text into the text block of category X every time I change the default text :frowning:

I was not able to find any information about this case in the documentation on Shopware 6 - Content - Shopping Experiences

Deleting the element and inserting a new one could/should help. I guess that the overrides are bound to specific elements.

Try this first in a separate template!

Thanks @Max_Shop! This is working perfectly :partying_face:

Though I would love for Shopware to implement a reset button/link, maybe similar to the one for the snippets. However, this is a suitable workaround. Thanks a lot.