How to Install / upgrade to 6.5 RC

Shopware is very nice to work with - but it’s a hazzle to install :upside_down_face: Now, they are changing the installation process, and its even a bigger struggle to install

I have downloaded the new 6.5RC. But how do I install it? I’m using Docker Desktop for Mac.

Have tried following the Quickstart here: GitHub - shopware/platform: Shopware 6 is an open commerce platform based on Symfony Framework and Vue and supported by a worldwide community and more than 1.500 community extensions
I skipped the „composer create-projekt …“ but instead cd straight into the downloaded folder (with 6.5 RC).

But, the command
symfony console system:install --basic-setup --drop-database --create-database -f

I get both a warning and a fatal error:

Warning: require_once(/Users/magnus/Docker/platform- Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Users/magnus/Docker/platform- on line 17

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Failed opening required '/Users/magnus/Docker/platform-' (include_path='.:/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php8.1.10/lib/php') in /Users/magnus/Docker/platform-

And yes, I can not find the file "autoload-runtime.php and there is no folder „vendor“ but a „vendor-bin“ (without the missing file).

/ Magnus

perhaps have an look at the Slack channel Slack

Thanks for the tip! I did that without luck, but I got some help on Twitter :grinning:

The correct command is this (using Composer on Docker Desktop):
composer create-project shopware/production:

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Is there any recipe for 6.5-RC-develeopment environment?

The follwing does install Shopware 6.4:
composer create-project shopware/development

But this recipe is not available:
composer create-project shopware/development:

If not - is there any other way to install a 6.5-RC development environment for plugin development?

This template has been deprecated and replaced by the new Flex template. It will be still updated until 6.5.

Setup for Plugin Development on Shopware 6.5 RC

  1. Install the production template for setting up and use symfony to run the server:
composer create-project shopware/production: shopware65
cd shopware65
vim .env (set database credentials)
./bin/console system:install --basic-setup
symfony serve

Website available on or http://localhost:8000

  1. Use integrated shell scripts to develop/build administration (there is no more psh.phar):