How to fetch plugin configuration based on Shop Language selected?

Description:  I am building a plugin for my shop which has multiple languages. The plugin has a text field. I want to fetch the configuration setting based on the shop language selected. For example for english I need to fetch the text in english and vice versa for German.

Problem:  The text setting for the main shop (English) gets fetched only. Even when the language selected is German the shop fetches only Englsih text (Main shop text).


My element type is text and scope is shop



//Get configuration $config = $controller->get(‘shopware.plugin.cached_config_reader’)->getByPluginName(‘PluginName’); //Fetch url from configuration $videoLink = $config[‘videoLink’]; //Assign to frontend $controller->View()->assign(‘videoLink’, $videoLink);

I have looked through documentation but can’t find anything that talks about it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hallo ,


$config = $controller->get('shopware.plugin.cached_config_reader')->getByPluginName('PluginName', Shopware()->Shop());