How to customize the VAT footer (in Spanish)

I want to customize the „includeVAT“ text in the footer. I have located the snippet [footer.includeVatText].

My prices are VAT inclusive. Therefore I have put the text (in the spanish translation) to this value:

* Precios incluyen IVA.   <a data-bs-toggle="modal" data-toggle="modal" data-url="%url%" href="%url%" title="Costos y Terminos de Envio">Costos y términos de envio</a>.

Bu the system doesn’t accept it. It automatically put this:

* Precios incluyen IVA.   <a title="Costos y Terminos de Envio" href="%url%" data-bs-toggle="modal">Costos y términos de envio</a>.

And the link doesn’t work in the webpage. It only works when I delete the value in the snippet but shows the message in english which I do not want for my customers.

I’m somehow lost on how to customize this snippet. Any help is highly apprettiated.

Same Problem here, seems this issue exists since 6.5.

Which Version do you use? In 6.4 it should work.


the custom VAT footer should work now with Update when you change [footer.includeVatText] or [footer.excludeVatText].

Just the link in the text isnt working correctly, I changed it to text only.