Footer VAT Help

Hello I need help to change the footer VAT text from All prices exclude. VAT to All prices incl. VAT.

I cannot find where or how to do this.

Hi @Scott,

you can either change the text from the snippet, or you can change the tax display of the customer group of the sales channel.

Snippet: Settings → Snippets → edit snippets → „footer.includeVat“/„footer.excludeVat“
Customer group: Settings → Customer groups → edit → tax display → gross/net

Kind regards

Hi Patrick

Thank you for taking the tim eto respond, I posted this same question a while bakc and recieved a complicated response.

If I read thi sright. are you suggestion to simply edit the default exclude VAT to read include VAT? and odd way of doing this as it woudl get over written with a SW6 update.

I looked at the group setting and changed the Tax from Gross to Net and no change to the footer info nor the check out page, which still read Excludes .

The simplest thing would have been for the SW6 devlopers to add a selector to the snippet to set as default. funny I can resest to tdefault but that useless because default is Excludes.

All the best