Features requests

Hi, i have a few feature requests for Shopware Cloud:

  • Is it possible to make a more customer friendly checkout process (like step for step through te proces or a 1 step checkout)
  • Is it possible to send mails over SMTP
  • Is it possible at product detail page to make the amount of products not in a dropdown but a input field with a „-“ and „+“ sign
  • Is it possible to search automaticly to the correct address in the checkout process
  • Possibility to remove the salutations (or make it not-rquired)
  • SEO URL’s don’t work for product detail page (like manufacturer name etc)
  • How could i change the default restock time (when i save the product, automaticly the value „3“ comes in the restock field
  • When a product isn’t available, but available to backorder, add an extra message in the shopping cart with „This is a backorder“ or something
  • How could i remove the asteriks (*) at the end of every price (So instead of €100* make it €100)
  • Is it possible to select at shipping methods a specific carrier at Sendcloud? I want to give my customers the option to choose between DHL or DPD for example
  • How could i change the layout of the product detail page
  • When a product has multiple variations: I want to show only the main product at the category page. Now i have to choose i variation product which will be shown at the category page. Is it possible to (same as Magento) go to the configurable product so you can choose the variation and not to a specific variation?
  • When filtering on a variation (for example color) at the category page only show the variations with the coorect product image
  • How to transfer the products from Magento 2 to Shopware cloud?
  • Possibility to have reports and analytics about orders (need for new EU OSS rules. All the orders in every country with which VAT amount. So we know which amount of VAT we have to pay to other countries
  • When do you add al the extensions in the Shopware store to the Cloud environment?
  • Is it possible to change the admin url

Thank you!