Shopware Cloud - Frontend Shop Modifications

Dear Community,

I have some requirement to modify frontend shop in Shopware Cloud platform.

We are using Shopware Cloud to process Telesales, selling product through telephone.
So I want to modify following things in the frontend of the Shopware Cloud.

  • Remove Search bar completely, since we dont want customer to search
  • „Back to the shop“ button from the header, once reached thank you page.
  • Add „Payment“ button to /account/order/uuid
    Please check the screenshot, I want to remove „Show“ / Anzeigen button and replace it with „Payment“ button so they directly go to Order review page (/account/order/edit/uuid) and proceed to make payment.

I am completely new to the Shopware Cloud platform.
Is it possible to make this changes through developing a app or plugin? or modifications to the Themes?

Or any help where I can modify the above points?

Thank you for your help in advance.

It is planned to offer the upload of „private apps“, this will enable you to make storefront-changes. But it is not possible yet, you can only use one of the existing themes from the ecosystem.

Thanks Moritz.
Is there any work around for one of the topic?

I will explain more about the process.

  • Order will be created in the backend.
  • And an order confirmation email will be sent to the guest customer.
  • Within this email, there will be a button/link which will direct the customer to the shop to make payment.
    Since they are guest customers, they will login through Email address and Postal code.

They will land on this page:

Is it possible to change, so once the logged-in, it will directly go to order edit page:

So there is no confusion for customer to make payment for the particular order.
Looking forward to your reply.