Customization/personalize design theme

Hello everyone, sorry for not good english. It’s possible in shopware customizate my theme? I try to explain my problems:

site:  (select language italian)

  1. I would like to eliminate the hearth of bookmarks and sobstitude this with a little house. In this way the people click on this go in home page.

  2. I have a topbar with the categories (Espositori da parete, espositori da banco, espositori da terra, espositori da soffitto, espositori per esterni) but i would like to have the first words above and the others below, for example:

Espositori        Espositori       Espositori       Espositori     Espositori

da parete        da banco          da terra          da soffitto    per esterni

  1. It’s possible in Shopware edit the html or css inside shopware or I use Dreamweaver?

  2. If you look this page    it’s present in footer many link keywords. How I insert this in italian version?

    I hope I have describe good my problems. When you send me a answer please express in English well compressible, because my enlish is not good.

  1. is a backend setting, search for „cloud“

  2. buy a plugin or work with that: Frontend Guides

  3. see 2b

  4. see 2b &

Ok I resolve for the words in footer, there is a plugin called:„tagcloud“.

But i don’t know how I resolve the heart or bookmaker button and the categories. Moreover in this moment I have two column for article and I would like to inser 3 column to article (   actually I have 2 columns see this link), it’s possible?

The columns will be set automatically. This is a repsonsive design. If there’s more space it’ll be more columns. You should switch over to the minimal layout:

„Solo informazioni importanti“

Ok I resolve the column problems. Now I don’t know how I change or remove the bookmark button. It’s a little button on the top right in the shop. I would like trasform this in a little home and when I click on this I go to homepage. How I do this?