Facebook Integration Plugin Not Working in Mozilla

Hello Shopware,

I’ve installed official “Facebook Integration” plugin from Shopware Labs in GIT, it’s working fine in Google Chrome but it is not visible in Mozilla Firefox. Please check the image below for the issue in firebug.

Dropbox - Screenshot from 2016-11-21 15:00:14.png - Simplify your life

I have done this with disabling tracking protection in Firefox, but I do not have any changes in browser settings.


This seems to be a problem caused by the firefox “do not track” setting. The plugin itself cannot be changed accordingly.

Why don’t you use the “facebook Page Plugin”?
This is what we did many times, no Shopware Plugin needed.

I just tried it with Firefox & Do not track enabled.


Dear Florian,

Thank you for the reply, but I need Share and Like button in product detail page, the link which you have provided Shares the complete page which is not my requirement.

I hope you got my quer, will be waiting for next reply.