Download extensions/plugins for localhost?


I’m looking into the possibilities with Shopware 6. I installed it on my Mac and am using local host. But when I want to download an extension/plugin I need to add a domain. So I chose (because it was required) but then it goes to check for my shopware version… which ofcourse isn’t on that domain. So how do i download extensions?  I don’t have a future domain name yet.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean future or feature domain?

If you got a domain you should „fake“ register a shop with the sw-domain-hash.html and select a shopversion on this none-shop-domain in the account. Than you can download any matching plugins as a zip file. this zip file can be uploaded in any domain.

EDIT -> real shop, cant register, but can upload zip -> fake shop/domain, register -> download zip

I mean we are currently using Magento 2 for our customers and for a future customer and maybe multiple customers I’m looking into if Shopware extensions can do everything that our curstomer wants.

@brettvormkopp‍ Ah oke and where would i download that sw-domain-hash.html file?

you create that file within the registration of a new shop in the . you must be owner of it doesnt matter if there is a real shop behind it or not. it is just for the “registration” that will allow you to download the plugin as a zip file. this zip can be used on any other domain. 

iam not shure if this works for payable plugins, but free plugins will work.