Dev server


What we need: full copy of production server as dev server.

Full I mean with all working licencies.

Shopware support can’t help, maybe anybody here can?

Create a subdomain where you clone the shopfiles and database. Demand for a second IP for this subdomain. Now config the Main Domain as Alias-Domain. Config your local host file to the “secondIP

@brettvormkopp schrieb:

Now config the Main Domain as Alias-Domain. Config your local host file to the „secondIP


Can you, please, explain this? 

In the Host-file on your new „Domain“ is „“ with a own IP and the AliasDomain should be the main Domain „“. Now you need to say to your local laptop: >>go to this IP, it is the Domain „“<< while in reality it is the IP of „“.

But how I can create full  copy of production server? I copy all files and db but licencies not work

the licencies will work with that model because you have the same domain.

For dev I have domain

For production I have

And licencies not work

Can you help me?

@Maksim Do you have Windows or Mac?

If your licenses are only for your production domain eg. and you want to get these licenses working you have to „fake“ the domain with your hosts file on your local system.

I would suggest you to install something like xampp or mamp. Then you add your production domain in xampp/mamp.

This way you „fake“ the domain. So if you then go to your computer loads your local dev installation.

Hope you understand what i`m talking about  Angry-Face

Ok, but this for local server.

What about remote linux server? Can I made dev server with url

@Maksim The only way on a remote server would be to copy you production shop to a sub directory eg.

Then the licenses are also working for your dev installation since its on the same domain.

But after copy when I open browser redirect me on

Can you help me with this?

Of course you have to change the config.php from to your dev database. Furthermore go to the database and change the URL/host of the shop in the table s_core_shops to

That sohuld do the trick.