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I would like to create a local shop on my system where I can make and test changes before transferring the changes to a live system. Is there a way to achieve this? I have followed the instructions here : https://docs.shopware.com/en/shopware-5-en/tutorials-and-faq/shop-transfer-live-system-test-environment#copy-a-live-system-into-a-test-systembut I haven’t been successful so far. Is there something missing?


Nobody can know. You have to provide more details. What have you done, what isn’t working?

I downloaded the files and the database. I am using xampp for the local web server. Now I am want to open the system using localhost. but I am only able to see the files in the main folder… is there an index.php file?

I believe you missed out the .htaccess file. But maybe your service config is not correct. The index file is shopware.php.

Thank you. I did already copy the .htaccess file. The only thing I changed in the config.php file is the name of the db because my local db has a different name. I checked the port on which the db is running as well. it is correct. Just to clarify, my shopware.php lies in httpdocs. So in my browser I give in localhost/httpdocs. could there be something else wrong? Sorry for my silly question.

You should configure your xampp to have a VHOST („domain“) with the final path to your shopware folder. Exactly the same host you should also update in the s_core_shops table.

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