Custom component not visible on live enviroment


I’m probably doing something wrong, but I really don’t see what at the moment.

I’ve created a a plugin on a local enviroment (in dockware), where I can add a custom component in the shopping experience editor.

But when moving this plugin to my live enviroment, install and activate it, my custom component never appears in the back-end.

Also when not running the admin-watcher on my dockware, the plugin also does not appear. It’s like some cache isn’t being refreshed…
But after running on this enviroment it does appear.

Now I know you shouldn’t run build-administration on a live enviroment, what essential thing am I missing here?

attached a screenshot of the folder structure.

Haha negate this…

Found out that after rebuilding locally with, a extra ‚public‘ folder appears in the plugin structure.

Uploaded that, ran asset install, cleared cache, all good!