Plugin not showing on admin panel

My shopware doesnt show the plugin option. How do I fix this issue?

@hasan.h Since version 6.4., it was moved to Extensions → My extensions in the left menu.

Not here as well

Are you sure you have at least one plugin copied to the custom/plugins directory? If yes, then it should show up in the screen, that you have posted. There is a sample ‚skeleton‘ plugin with multiple features in the Shopware 6 plugin programming tutorial on my blog:, that you can download for free and upload to your store for testing and development.

Yes. I have in fact 3 plugins there.

@hasan.h Weird. My suggestion would be to remove them physically from the custom/plugins directory and then add one after another again to see, which is the problematic one.
Maybe also rebuilding the administration by ./bin/ could help.

This is another problem that I am facing. Do you think these two are related?

@hasan.h It is not clear to me just from the screenshot, what problem are you facing. Textual description would help to understand your problem much more in this case, I think…

The problem I am facing is that my remote host (right) has different files than my desktop directory (left). Even though I have downloaded the files and phpstorm says that the files have been downloaded, this desktop repository in never updated.

@hasan.h That particular problem will probably depend on your setup.

Personally, I use a remote server for development plus the PHPStorm deployment feature. This allows me to download, upload or even synchronise the local and remote servers.


This is exactly what I do too. In this deployment option, there is an option „Download from DEV“. This is what I have been using for downloading. But its not working for me.

@hasan.h Then I suggest you just do it manually - use for example WinSCP to connect to the remote server, download the files to your disk and then put them to your project’s directory. I have done this as well - PHPStorm should find them automatically, if you copy them on the background or you can also drag and drop them to PHPStorm directly.