CSV Import in SW 6.1 - lots of issues

Hi all, hoping I can get help here.

I have a CSV which I have created, I have created a profile to match.

Below is the CSV sample I am trying with:

id,en_gb_name,name,description,productNumber,price_net,price_gross,stock,taxId,createdAt,updatedAt 71f895b6b6f144c690f3716ac19d0cc1,Test,Test,Test,TEST123,0,0,0,5c4478aef64e49debe3f456e8b0b58dc,2017-03-28T15:21:30+00:00,2020-04-27T16:06:53+00:00

When I upload this through System > Import / Export, I see a 400 Bad Request error in the Network tab of Developer Tools. The response body is as follows:

{"errors":[{"status":"400","code":"FRAMEWORK__INVALID_UUID","title":"Bad Request","detail":"Value is not a valid UUID: en-GB","meta":{"parameters":{"input":"en-GB"}}}]}

I’m a little lost here, I don’t see an invalid UUID and I’ve googled this error with no success. Has anyone encountered this before?

Does it work without the translation?

@Moritz Naczenski schrieb:

Does it work without the translation?

Hi Moritz, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately it does not, I get the error below:

[/0/translations/2fbb5fe2e29a4d70aa5854ce7ce3e20b/name] This value should not be blank.

I believe I have worked around this, (it isnt fixed), for future people who come across this issue. (Googlers etc)

When importing, use translations.DEFAULT.name, not translations.en-GB.name (Basically, do not use a locale code, use DEFAULT).

My end resulting CSV looks as follows:

metaTitle,metaDescription,manufacturerId,en_gb_name,name,description,productNumber,price_net,price_gross,stock,taxId,createdAt,updatedAt "test","test description",df7a775cb522409e8eb59e425c566d2f,"test name","test name","test",0001,0,0,999,0974262fee9449e692df6180ea7d76b1,2017-03-28T15:21:30+00:00,2020-04-27T16:06:53+00:00

Note, the manufacturerId and taxId values MUST be values already present in Shopware.

Shopware will not create new items for these if you simply pass it a random UUID.

The UUID is a UUID4 generated using

 (new Ramsey\Uuid\Uuid)-\>Uuid4()-\>toHex()-\>toString();

Profile is as follows:


This appears to be the minimum amount of information to be able to import a product into Shopware using the Import/Export functionality.

In the default profile name is mapped to “translations.DEFAULT.name” and you need to provide a name for the default translation.

Just try to use the mapping from the default profile

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Thanks Moritz, seems our posts collided. I came to the same conclusion!

Hello everyone. I have a different problem. I have translated versions of the meta information. Now, I use the translations.DEFAULT.name and I alsi use the translations.de-AT.name, and it sends me the error. The funny thing is, it manages to export, but it cannot import. It’s 6.2.0



I was encountering same issue. reading the solution by not using the local language would in the end block you if you want to translate the shop. 

I had the same error message coming up for a German translation and what I figured out is the import couldn’t handle the special German chararcters like ä,ö,ü. When I used a regular a, then the upload worked fine. 

Best regards


did someone find a solution? 
I get this error: 

FRAMEWORK__INVALID_UUID: Value is not a valid UUID: fr-FR

while trying to import the French translation of the product information.
I imported the main language (which is German) using the DEFAULT option. That means everything is imported as translations.DEFAULT.name to show the german infos, but now I’m trying to get French into it using translations.fr-FR.name and there happens to problem. 


Any solutions? Because I need a shop which works with 3 languages (for now)

Best regards.

Same here…

Any solution in sight? Any news on the problem? Is there already an issue report?
A lot of questions I know… :wink:
We really need a solution for this as soon as possible.

Best Regards

I have the same issue and can’t solve it (my default language is German):

I export my products and the prfoile contains i.e.

  • translations.en-GB.description

- translations.DEFAULT.description

If I change / edit data in my csv for translations.DEFAULT.description and re-import the file, the changesedits get applied. If I make changesedits to translations.en-GB.description, those changes get not applied during import. I do NOT get any error message. 


This prevents me from translating my shop. I am stuck …


I export my products with German and English translation of product description. If I change the English details in the export csv. and same 

I have the same problem as Schwob2. 

We had the same issue and I think I found a workaround. The issue seems to be, that changes in language which you apply to the shop in general aren’t applied to all products.

In our case the default language was german. We added some products, lets call them XY. Then we added english as second language. Then we added some further products AB.

Exporting XY and AB always worked. Importing changes did just work for AB.
For XY we got the error:
FRAMEWORK__INVALID_UUID: Value is not a valid UUID: en-GB

Deleting XY, and recreating these products fixed the problem and we were able to import changes using csv.

This leads me to the conclusion, that something in the database was not created during language addition for all products already existing.

Hope this helps someone.

Edit for devs: Maybe this is already solved in newer versions of shopware (without updating to the newest). I did not try to create a minimum example with the current version, but most likely the approach described here will trigger the bug.

Best regards,

Same problem on Version… we tried to import EN translations (default DE)… it was activated from beginning but we get same error…

the workaround from mse_dietmar is not manageable… too many articles are now online…

any news to this?