Continuous integration - best practices

Hi guys, 

we are creating a new shop, customizing template and plugins. And it is not really clear, what is the best way to build steady development process, using git. 

The problem specificly comes from Plugins and their Licenses. 

We have:


Usually, with other CMSs developer just adding plugin files to git, and deploy them to live, dev and staging. 


And what is the correct way to do that with Shopware? And how should we deal with licenses? 

I use “localhost”   For linux/OSX   in the file   /etc/hosts  ( and for windows in the file   C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts  )  add lines like  


Since license validation works on the domain name, then this approach works.

If you find a better solution let me know





Hi Bogdan, thanks. 


That could be ok for small projects, but it doesn’t work for big team, when you have several developers continously do the work, test, ask customer to test, and deliver some stuff to live… 

Hi Mobecls,

did you finally find a good workaround?

I like to develop locally in a docker container and think about setting up a pipeline with test, staging and production server (possibly also using tools like using git hooks,  gitlab_CI, travis or jenkins).
Another question would be whether I only deploy plugins/Themes or the entire shopware installation.

can you describe your best practices?

Kind regards

Hey @arit‍ ,

my colleague Thomas had a Talk on the Shopware Community Day with Deployment of shopware. I guess it solves the most of your problems.

Talk: Thomas Eiling - Shopware Community Day 2018 (EN) - YouTube

Here is also a guide how to switch to composer setup from a classic installation An easy example how to switch from classic installation to composer installation

Might usefull addon for the composer setup GitHub - shyim/store-plugin-installer: Install Plugins automatically in your Shopware Composer Setup