Changing topbar-navigation.tpl

Hello community, :shopware: last hour, tried to figure out how to make the dropdown “Service/Hilfe” horizontal Links menu. Seek advice. Best regards.

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Hey, you can configure this menu here: Inhalte -> Shopseiten -> Links

Hello sponger, I knew that, the question is how do i make flat horizontal menu list, instead of one dropdown. Best regards. :thumbup:

Any News?

If you want to make the list inline you have to change the .less files.

Here is how you get started with less: Getting started with LESS

And how to get started to modify your templates: Getting started with Shopware templating

And here are the lines for this menu, its in the header.less : shopware/header.less at 679aad0aa1e59c1f677aca65d894a2d17007c3d1 · shopware/shopware · GitHub


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