Changing the frontend language &multiple countries support in Shopware

So, i’m trying to understand how this e-commerce solution works. I have installed the community edition and added the default shop. Everything is fine. I read in the Shopware documentation that you can add multiple languages to the web shop by creating additional shops and configuring them as Language Shops. All is fine, that worked, i now have two websites.

Problem is - even though the localisation information is set to Romanian (for example), the website is all in German. Do i really need to purchase the language packs that are offered in the Shopware store ? Or can i change the text manually ? If so, how do you do that ? - Also, apparently the flag for the selected language is off…i have the Language Shop configured for RO, but it displays the shop as DE (Germany).

Also, can Shopware make a difference between selected languages when talking about product stock, prices and payment method ? The idea is that depending on what country is selected, the product stock, price is changed. With this, the product code might get changed. Also, payment methods and accounts have to be changed as well. Can Shopware do that ? If so, is there a tutorial or something regarding this ? (I didn’t really find something like this…)

Thanks for the help !


I’m not sure if I understand all that you are trying to achieve in the fullest but I will try to answer most of your questions.

Basically Shopware has only two languages by default those are german and english. For other languages you can either buy a language package from the store or enter your own translations in the backend at configuration > snippets. There you find all snippets that shopware uses in the front and backend and can enter your own translation for every shop.

Also we currently have a project on crowdin where we and the community enter translations that will be available as a shopware language package for free in the store and we would be very glad if you participate in it:

To add a different flag for your subshop you have to implement this in a theme individualisation.

For every subshop you created you can also create a new customergroup, which can have a different price.

The stock itself is the same in every subshop, so if you want different stocks for different shops you currently would have to implement this on your own, maybe using some of the free text fields you can create in shopware. Also you can enter a story in our issue-tracker:,3,10001,4,10010,10025,10017
We are always glad about hints and ideas to implement an even better product for you.

Payment methods can be enabled and disabled for subshops or countries. Also you can enable the customer-scope for subshops( but not for language-shops) so the customer can register anew in every shop and has a different account.

Greetings from Schöppingen