Cancellation, anyway to find out why?

Hello Community,

So i had my first visitors and first registrations on shop, but for some reason all users after registration just cancel their Order progress. This happened with Payment Paypal and Bank transfer and i tested many times the Checkout progress and its working like a charm. Is there anyway to find out what is the reason?


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you can first of all try to check the shopware logs for any errors that might have occured.

The logs from shopware can be found at var/logs or just at logs for older versions.

Also you have the option to sent the users who cancelled the order progress a message by using the email template sCanceledquestion.

You can change this at configuration > email templates and send the mail at marketing > analysis > cancellation analysis in the side menu „customer feedback“.

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Janine Overhaus-Kocan

Hello Janine,

thanks for replying by the way.

I’m gonna test that option, althought as far as i know it is not particularly legal without user agreement.

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