Cancelled payment too many e-mails

When a payment is cancelled with Mollie as payment processing I get at least 6 e-mails stating the payment cancellation and also page is not being redirected to shippment/payment screen instead I get an error message … please help me


also it looks like the system keeps trying the payment? and sends out the same e-mail every few more minutes.

Unfortunately shopware forum does not allow me to add multiple pictures in 1 message, so here is also a screenshot of the order payment itself

I have disabled the business event for cancelled payment and so I don’t send out many e-mails anymore… however after payment processing the redirect to the payment / shipping page is still giving me the error page you see on the first screenshot instead of the correct page like below

Hi Kaya,

you should switch from the production environment to developer mode so you get an real error instead of the „Er is helaas een fout opgetreden“, take a look at this documentation it tells you how to do this.

Now just reproduce the error on the website so you can see what is causing this.
I recommend closing the page to public if you are in developer mode.

Best regards,
Timmy Clark