Order confirmation is being send before even paying for products + Mollie


I have a weird bug, when I click „pay“ I’m redirected to Mollie but at the same time the shop send an

„Order confirmation“ email … And second weird behavior: when I paid for the products, I don’t receive any emails 


Why ? any ideas ?

That’s not a bug, that’s a feature (Shopwares normal behavior)! A lot of people don’t like this (myself included). They said that they going to change some of that behavior

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Hi Marcel,

Shopware sends out the email, because it’s triggered by the „Order / Pay now“, this is where the order is written in the system and the email is send.

Since it’s an order confirmation, technical it’s correct.
The order confirmation is helpful if the customer chose „prepayment“ or „COD“ because at that point he needs the order confirmation with the details. I know that a lot of companies have a text in there regarding payment and ownership of goods.

But as Max said we are looking into this.

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Thanks, and is it possible to disable this behaviour ? I tested a shopware 6 ecommerce and when I click “pay” I don’t receive any emails. 

Tested on : fackelmann.de


And any idea why the customer doesn’t receive an email when the payment is set to “paid” ?



Hi Marcel,

normaly a new modal would pop-up that shows the send email button.

You need to make sure that there is a template assigned to you sales channel, these can be found under settings > email templates.
The template should be called “Enter payment state: Paid”