Cache Clear not working in Shopware 5

Hello Team,

I am currently experiencing an issue with cache cleaning on our production website. The problem I’m encountering is that when I access the cache/performance page, it loads correctly, but the cache-clearing process is unresponsive.

Upon further investigation, I inspected the browser console under the network tab and observed that the request to clear the cache is resulting in a 500 error. I have attached a screenshot of this error for your reference.

Given the urgency of our need to implement certain changes and install a new plugin that requires cache clearance, I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue promptly.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your help in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

hey @expertdev9

if you have a request, that returns a 500 status code, you should be able to get a more details exception message of what happen exactly. Please refer to this article Shopware 5 - Tutorials & FAQs -Debugging error messages in Shopware

If you find some more information, please let us know

Best regards from Schöppingen
Michael Telgmann

Hi @Michael_Telgmann ,

I have reviewed the backend logs but couldn’t pinpoint the exact issue based on the information available. Could you kindly assist in identifying the problem, as the error seems to be recorded in the error log file? I have attached the log file error code here for your reference.

exception 'LogicException' with message 'Corrupted path detected: Industrial Panel PC/SlimLine WM IH70 v.1.4/Drivers/Win 10/Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework(DPTF)' in /engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Core/SwagSecurity/Components/CWE367/Util.php:319 Stack trace:
#0 /engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Core/SwagSecurity/Components/CWE367/Util.php(149): League\Flysystem\Util::removeFunkyWhiteSpace('Industrial Pane...')
#1 /engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Core/SwagSecurity/Components/CWE367/Util.php(134): League\Flysystem\Util::normalizeRelativePath('Industrial Pane...')
#2 /vendor/league/flysystem/src/Filesystem.php(347): League\Flysystem\Util::normalizePath('Industrial Pane...')
#3 /custom/plugins/BpaDownloadCenter/Controllers/Frontend/Downloads.php(77): League\Flysystem\Filesystem->getMetadata('Industrial Pane...')

Your assistance in investigating this matter is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to reach out if you require any supplementary information.

Thank you in advance.

Hi There, I am still waiting for the response.

Now I am getting below error in the log file :

exception 'Shopware\Components\CSRFTokenValidationException' with message 'The provided X-CSRF-Token for path "/" is invalid. Please go back, reload the page and try again.' in /engine/Shopware/Components/CSRFTokenValidator.php:155 Stack trace:

Can anyone please help me on this?


Hi There,

Is anyone can help me here?

Still waiting for the same.


With the attached logs, we barely understand what could be wrong with your System.
The first log seems to be about corrupted paths for, what I assume, are intel drivers.
Reinstalling the drivers might fix the driver issue.

The CSRF Issue could be related to a bot, which wouldn’t necessarily mean that it’s the issue you are facing in your Backend.

What PHP Version are you running?

Hello @DanielK1511

Thanks for your response.

We are using PHP 7.1.33

Please let me know if you need other informations.


What Shopware Version are you on?

We are using shopware 5.3.7

Have you tried debugging as Michael has suggested?

Maybe you can update your installation and upgrade your PHP.

Hi @DanielK1511 ,

Thanks for the response.

Could you kindly confirm whether updating the installation, plugins, or PHP version will not result in any changes or removal of existing configurations and data?

Also please provide me the steps or guide for the update process of shopware.


You can find everything you need to know about updates/upgrades, system requirements etc. in the documentation:


Hey @expertdev9

Updating always has a certain risk to it, you could break something or everything works out fine.
Before making upgrades, you should make regular backups and test any planned changes on a test system.
Once there is everything alright, you can bring the changes to your live environment.

@SCOOPEX has sent the right upgrade guide to help you with that matter.

Best regards