Available stock is much less than Stock after migration from SW5

After migrating from SW5 to SW6, we discovered, that Available stock is much less than Stock.
This causes Product 404 error. We can’t edit this field directly.

Anyone knows the solution? Looks like we need to reset Available stock to match Stock for some Products.


In SW6 every order will block the ordered items from stock. So available stock is stock minus ordered items. You have to set every order to status closed.

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thank you for the reply sportshop!
In our setup, when we change Order to Closed, tis happens:

Stock decreases: from 5 to 4
Available stock stays the same: -3

Maybe someone can give a tip? :slight_smile:

Buy an article: available stock -1
(Ship an article) and complete order: stock -1 // updated this line.

If available stock ist -3 than you have sold more that you had in your stock. Just set it to the correct amount manually.

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Thank you Max!
But Available stock field is not editable via the backend, check the screenshot please. Is there a way to work this out without direct database edit? So manager can handle it. Anyone knows maybe:

@shopwarer1638 when stock is 4 and available stock is -3 there should be 7 items sold!

the shipping status does not take effect … you have to set the order status to completed!

the available stock is calculated stock minus non completed orders (shipping status independend!)

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My bad, you are right. It is not shipped order, it is order completed/closed.

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Thank you for the clarification! Closing the Order we can make Stock and Available stock equal.

Any tip to update Available stock? It is non-active (greyed out)

you only can update the stock not available stock. I think you should set all orders to status closed and the update stock. The order status can only be set one by one I think. Not so cool but no other way avalable at present.

I don´t know if you can set the orders status automatically to closed when the order is shipped, sorry.

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There is a plugin in the store for free that does that.

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thanks for the orders update tip and the plugin suggestion, it works well!

Also SW6 introduced bulk orders edit in recent version, so we were able to do some. But it sends e-mails to customers without an option (as it works on single order edit, where we can disable sending notifications). Anyone have an idea of how to skip sending e-mail notifications to customers in this case?