Auto code review - errors found on "finally" but code is OK

I tried to upload our latest plugin (YOOCHOOSE Personalization for Shopware / ) version v2.5.4 but auto code review failed, reporting:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‚{‘ in /Frontend/YoochooseJsTracking/Controllers/Frontend/Yctrigger.php on line 60
Errors parsing /Frontend/YoochooseJsTracking/Controllers/Frontend/Yctrigger.php

This is the finally part of a try/catch/finally block. It is legal and should not fail, I think.

It works in out DEV and PROD systems shopware v5.3.7
I tested the file on this site and from php versions >= v5.5.38 it worked fine. No syntax errors.
Since the minimum requirements for shopware are php >= 5.6.4, I would not expect this auto code review to fail.


I have another question:  how can we make a preliminary check that our plugin is compatible with shopware v 5.4? can we just select that version in the upoad page and then try to make the upload that code review will test it? Or is there a validation tool available?
Please advise.

Best regards

“I tested the file on this site” -> PHP code syntax check (I forgot to paste the site)