article properties in listing page



I am trying to display article properties in listing page of the products.

I edited the file frontend / listing / product-box / box-basic.tpl and added the code

{foreach $sArticle.sProperties as $sProperty}




But it doesn’t display anything , But the code is present in details/tabs/description page for displaying article properties . refered the code from the page but it doesn’t work in lsiting 

anyone can help me on this?

Hi annamalai,

per default the properties of a product are not loaded in the listing. You will need to add this via plugin extension. The products are delivered by this method \sArticles::sGetArticlesByCategory()

best regards from Schöppingen

cool Michael Telgmann

Hi annamalai,

I had the same problem and solved it with this plugin:

  1. create the folder “EigenschaftenInKategorie”. Then you have the path engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Frontend/EigenschaftenInKategorie

  2. create a “Bootstrap.php” with the php-content from the link inside the folder “EigenschaftenInKategorie”

  3. install the plugin with the plugin manager (backend)

  4. you can use sProperties


Hi, this only works in the fírst page of a listing, not on the next (if there is more than one of course).

It is gone then. By removing the cache (ctrl-F5 or R) it is back again, but as soon as you change the page it disappeared? 


How can this be resolved?