AB testing for Shopware

Hello All,

I want to ask if there is any possible way to enable AB testing for Shopware ?

we are using shopware 5.5.8.





You could use Google Optimize.

This article is in German, but maybe you can translate it https://netgrade.de/google-optimize-shopware/

https://www.deepl.com/translator highly recommended for translations  Angry-Face

Thank you so much that was awesome and very helpful.

we followed all the setup and everything worked fine as described clearly.

I just got one problem when trying to preview the first B variant I created.

I press on preview in Google optmize and got this error message:


Althought we have added the code **me.analytics (‚require‘, ‚GTM-XXXXXX‘);  **to u niversal_analytics.js 

The only different thing is that our Optmize ID is with OPT-XXXXXX not GTM-XXXXXX

so we added this line to our u niversal_analytics.js:

me.analytics (‚require‘, ‚OPT-XXXXXX‘);


so do you know what can the problem here ?


Thanks for your support.

Hello @ShapeAndShift

Do you have any suggestion for this problem here ? 

Thanks in advance!