Wrong URL in sitemap and not complete

I have generated a sitemap using the Terminal (php bin/console sitemap:generate). But it have a strange URL and seems not to be complete.

Here is the complete generated sitemap:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"><url><loc>https://dev.kattgodis.hemsida.eu/public</loc><lastmod>2022-04-15</lastmod><changefreq>daily</changefreq><priority>1.0</priority></url></urlset>

The URL in is not correct and should be „https://kattgodis.nu“. When I add the sitemap to Google Search Console, I get, of course, an error: URL not allowed

In the store admin, under Sales Channels > Domains: kattgodis.nu (both http and https).

What have I done wrong?

Why is you store still accessible under this URL? Is it still a URL in a sales channel? If so, delete it. There should only be https://kattgodis.nu also delete the http:// since it is unsafe.

Hey Max_Shop
Thanks. The dev URL was deleted a few days ago and I have now deleted the HTTP version of the URL. So in the domain section there are now only https://kattgodis.nu

I need to contact my service provider why the dev URL still is accessible.

This is my first time with Shopware, and one important thing I have learned is to never, ever install under a development URL. Seems easier and safer to use the real URL - and during development update the local host file.

I’ve never had an issue with changing the URL in Shopware. Usually it is just one edit in the backend and one under shopware.com

Maybe the old url is stored in your .env?

You was correct. The old URL was still in the .env file (now fixed). And new sitemap is generated.

Most of the issues have been at the service provider. The installation was not done in the „public_html“ folder because I used a dev URL. So in order to get SW working under the right URL, they have to do a symlink.

Now I hope everything is correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again

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