Windows - Pulling database with Docker throws error

Hey everyone im currently trying to setup my Shopware 6 environment on Windows. Everything works this far besides the pulling / importing of my database to Docker.

What im trying to do:

  1. Run database in Docker
  2. Pull production database from external server with deployer ssh script (vendor/bin/dep db:pull production)
  3. Import everything into db

In the second step, when I execute the command, these errors occur:

err <3>WSL (8344) ERROR: CreateProcessEntryCommon:502: execvpe /bin/bash failed 2
err <3>WSL (8344) ERROR: CreateProcessEntryCommon:505: Create process not expected to return

I’ve read online that this might be an issue with Docker and Windows WSL.
Does anyone know if this is actually caused by WSL or do I have to do something special on Windows when installing Shopware?

Thanks for your help.