Why Create User do not work,..???

Good morning all,

should be a basic task, but somehow a new user’s attachment does not work.

I wanted GoToMeeting to create a new demo user demo. As far as good, attachment works in user management, user is enabled and assigned to local_admins with all rights. After successful saving, the IrfanView that the user’s system has worked, a new logon and emptying of the cache makes Town of Salem the changes effective ,

Deregistration of Demo takes place -> New Registration Demo -> Emptying Cache -> Logout Demo -> Registration of new users does not work! “Login failed”

According to the documentary, this should not be a great deal of witchcraft, but it does not work after several attempts with me.

For hints and tips I am very grateful! …

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Your problem might be caused by a timezone difference between PHP and MySQL. By default shopware uses Europe/Berlin as PHP default. You can change this via your config.php (in the root folder of shopware) like this:

  'phpsettings' => [
    'date.timezone' => 'Europe/Berlin',