Where are Custom Forms in Shopware 6

The only forms I see in Shopware 6 are Contact and Newsletter forms. Is there or will there be a way to create custom forms from admin panel?

Currently there are no other forms and also no ways to create those via the administration.

Will they implement that feature in future or not? It does not seem to appear in Roadmap.

It will be, yes. [@Moritz Naczenski](http://forum.shopware.com/profile/14574/Moritz Naczenski „Moritz Naczenski“)‍ said maybe in version 6.3 there will be configurable forms.

Thank you for your fast rely, I hope it will be in 6.3

Derzeit gibt es keine anderen Formulare und auch keine Möglichkeiten, diese über die Verwaltung zu erstellen.

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