Weird characters in french translation

We have installed language „fr_FR“ via Plugin.
We are facing weird characters like
1 articles ont été trouvés pour la recherche "varia"� !
Aucun prod. corr. � votre rech.
but we cannot see where this comes from.
In the backend it is displayed f.e. as {$sSearchResults.sArticlesCount} articles ont été trouvés pour la recherche „{$sRequests.sSearch}“ !

Salut opel_shopware!

That’s the result in my Shopware 5.6.4. Perhaps there are some non-visible characters beween " and ! ?

I copy and pasted your phrase, but there is no unkown character in my result. 

Did you take look at the character setting of your browser?

Best regards


Mhh, when i copy the text in my editor, it shows the weird character both when i chose encoding ANSI or UTF8. I try to adapt the browser and try again.
Thanks for advice anyway

I removed the empty char in the backend before ! and re-put it, then the weird char disappeared…

But i found lots of other places where this happens. This must be something global.

When i change the localisation in the Browser to “France”, it works. But this means a french man who is located in Germany cannot see proper content

I am located in Germany, there was no problem with the french translation package in Firefox and Chrome. Maybe it’s the collation of your database or the browser you use?


Collation is UTF8_generalCI, should be fine. Weird chars disappear when i reload the browser several times