Update Shopware Version

I have updated shopware latest version 5.5.1
but my article data is not inserting and it’s showing this error 
Kindly tell me what would i do for resolve this issue . This behavior is just doing with item data saving !(C:\Users\Rizwan Ahmed\Desktop)

I am having the same issue with this, have you found a resolution yet?

Here is currently a issue with Timezones.

You can apply a Quick-Fix Change in following line shopware/article.js at 5.5 · shopware/shopware · GitHub to 

{ name: 'changed', type: 'date', dateFormat: 'c' },



Worked Good Thank you for the insight!!

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it’s working 
Great Job Sir Thank you 

Here is the complete fix SW-22619 - Fix timezone issues on overwrite check · shopware/shopware@d389efd · GitHub

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Thanks for the full fix Shyim.