The plugin quick start doesn't work

I’m running Shopware 5 on localhost on a windows 7 machine. I followed the steps on the plugin quick start but I couldn’t see the results displayed on the front end. I switched back and forth the Bar theme and Responsive theme but none of them was able to show the Slogan widget in the front-end. I even deleted my plugin and used the one you provided but it also didn’t work! When directly modifying the template index.tpl I can see the slogans busing:this code: [code]

[/code] However, the {block name="frontend\_index\_navigation\_categories\_top\_include" prepend} doesn’t do anything. I checked the logs and couldn’t see anything suspicious :frowning:

Hi, as already mentioned in the Issue on GitHub, Shopware requires a Linux system to run on. Greetings, Benjamin Cremer :shopware:

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Thanks Benjamin. The shop/plugin is limited to work on Linux server only, this is why it didn’t work correctly on a Windows platform! I don’t know if this is a good decision to limit PHP software to work only on a platform. :frowning: At least, it would be great to show a BIG notification when running the shop on Windows machine so developers can debug why the shop isn’t working! Thanks for your help.

I’ve been using Windows PC for Shopware plugin development for a year and never had any problems so far. You can choose a little different approach for extending templates. 1. Find these lines in Bootstrap.php (~55 line): $view-\>addTemplateDir( \_\_DIR\_\_ . '/Views' ); 2. Below those lines add this: $view-\>extendsTemplate('frontend/plugins/slogan\_of\_the\_day/index.tpl'); 3. Change directory structure: Original /Views/frontend/index/index.tpl Changed /Views/frontend/plugins/slogan_of_the_day/index.tpl If you’ll look at some of existing Shopware plugins, they use same approach for extending templates. It works on Windows and Linux. You can download updated quick start plugin here


Hello Tarkka, thanks a lot for your post. It helped me to run this plugin. I do run SW on Windows too. Thanks jenskl