Tax per province

Hello, How to configure a shop so that the tax will be calculated by invoice province/country, and not per the tax assigned to an item? In our country, we have two levels of taxes, does ShopWare supports this kind of taxation? Thanks.

Yes, it is possible. -> please go into the Shop Backend -> Configuration -> Basic Settings -> Shop Settings -> Taxes In this view you can configure the 19 % tax like America - Alaska 20% America - Washington 30% Greetings

I tried that, but when the taxes are calculated, only the tax assigned to the item is taken, not the tax of the shipping address!

[quote=“GTA_doum”]I tried that, but when the taxes are calculated, only the tax assigned to the item is taken, not the tax of the shipping address![/quote] Can I get a Backend Login via Board Message? I will check your configuration. Greetings

Sure. It is a test environment. - admin - shop2015. Thanks!

Hello, I added an example to your backend and attached a screenshot with a description. I Hope this will help you! The tax regulations have to be defined for the tax that is used by the articles. Best regards Moritz

If you log in with 123123123 you will see 20 % tax. The tax configuration is active if the customer is loged in before that shopware uses the base tax value. Greetings

I see, one tax type per item. In the tax type, destinations could be entered with different rate. I need the tax type to be per shipping address, not by item. Also, in Canada, there is two level of taxes, provincial and federal, and a tax report needs to have those reported separately. Is there something like that available, or I would have to program it? For example, Alberta has only federal tax of 5%, Québec has federal 5% and provincial 9.975%, Ontario has one combined tax of 13%. Thanks.

I’m also having a problem with the taxes. I set them up like in the screenshot from Moritz, but when I log in with a user connected to that country it still shows the Default Tax. I got Tax regulation set up as: Name: UK Area: All Country: Great Britain State: All Tax: 90 (test) And my account has country Great Britain. Why is it still showing 21% (Default tax) ? Thanks in advance.

Hello, can you show a screenshot of your configuration? Moritz

Hi Moritz, Thanks for your reply. This is the Tax settings I’ve got: BTW hoog is also the Tax rate set for the product in my basket, and the user has his country set to Great Britain.

Can anyone please help me with this issue?

Hello, i have the same problem with new york. Tax is 8.875% and this is not to handle with standard-shopware. It always changes to 8.88%. Also if i change the field in database, it will not work. Is there a workaround? Can USA not be prepared correct with Shopware?