SSL/TLS mariadb

Hello everyone,

Does shopware can work with a database which enforces SSL connections?
For example, if we have shopware on Amazon cloud and MariaDB on Google Cloud, important is to use an SSL connection.

I’m getting next error:

Hi Ognjen,


Shopware can’t connect to an database that enforces a SLL connection.

You need to modify the source code in order to get this going,
Connection creation:
ssl parameters

Doctrine Doctrine

Configuration - Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL)

Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer Documentation: Configuration


            _$parameters = [_


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Thanks a lot, @Timmy_Clark‍ .

Shimmy from GitHub sent me a possible solution: SSL/TLS mariadb · Issue #1323 · shopware/platform · GitHub

I will write here when I check it :slight_smile: