Single Products Multiple Markets / Applications like Car parts

I have a bit of a unique situation I’m having trouble sorting out the right way to do it.

We sell LED replacement lights that are compatible with multiple vehicles. I was using a system before where I could create the equivalent of a product Variant. This would allows me to change the Product Title while keeping the product and attributes the same. We also have variants already for different polarity options for the vehicle, so most products have 2 variants already with some having 4 (color options).

The key reasons for doing this is SEO and customer confidence. I’ve found having a single product page that says. " $autoMake $model LED Replacement Light" ranks much better than a single generic product name that lists compatible models. Secondly some customers get confused when they see a single product is compatible with multiple vehicles. They want the single part that fits their car (Jaguar owners, just gotta say it.).

Any ideas on how to solve for this? I’m thinking it’s possible we build landing pages or actual model categories and then associate products with those model categories. I’m still not sure how to solve for the naming of the product, if that could somehow be inherited by the parent category, so a single product could be displayed differently depending on where it is shown would be ideal. I know it sounds absurd, but it’s the way we’ve found it to work best.

Thanks, love shopware so far.