Sidebar filters position

Hello everyone,

How’s it possible to change the position of the filters in the sidebar? I created some properties for my products like “Size”, “Material” and “Style” and they are displayed in the order like:

1 - Style

2 - Size

3 - Material

So I would like to move the size to the first place and the style to the second. I tried checking the file action-filter-facets.tpl but not sure if I can modify the order there.

Any tip would be great, thanks in advance.


Can you just pull the properites in backend into the right order?

@NextMike schrieb:

¿Puedes volver a colocar los derechos en el orden correcto?

Thanks for helping, but as I am new in shopware I don’t know how to do that in the backend, could you please point me where I can do it?

Items > Properties

Thanks for the answer, I was actually doing it that way, but I was a little confuse because looks like you have to change the order for each set right? and the people from the shopware store I am working with, have more than 100 sets  Gasp , anyways, had to do it one by one.