Show product (not variant) in Cross Selling and Dynamic product group

almost every product in my shop has at least 2 variants and the main product details are always compiled.
I need to add the main products to Cross Selling and not their variants, because I need to show the main products data (not their variants’) in the slider cards. Same thing for Dynamic product groups.
Is there any way to do it?

I managed to do it by mistake when I added a product without variants to Cross Selling and then added variants to that product: the main product was kept in the Cross Selling, I think because its ID was kept in the database and not replaced by a variant ID. This means that it’s technically possible, but it seems like you’re not allowing it (basically blocking a feature).

Even the product detail > Variants > Storefront presentation > Product listing > Display single product > Main product option doesn’t change anything.

If it’s not possible by default, what could I change in the code to obtain what I said in the entire shop, for Cross Selling and Dynamic product groups?

Thanks in advance

I just found out that you implemented the limitation / removed the feature with Shopware Issuetracker : are you kiddin’ me?!

This issue Shopware Issuetracker is requesting to add the feature back, but it’s been there for more than a year: are you going to implement it soon?

The issue status is Backlog, that means they are not going to implement it, if there are not enough upvotes to reconsider the decision.

If you add a plugin with a subscriber to the cross selling you should be able to „redo“ the change and still display the parent.

Ok, thanks.

Do you mean just for the storefront, or can I change the administration too?
I need main products to be displayed both in manual product selection (dropbox) and dynamic product groups, so both manual / static and automatic / dynamic selection.
Could you please point me in the right direction?
Thank you