Shopware v6.5.4.1 published

Hey folks,

We released Shopware to fix compatibility with MariaDB 10.5.22, 10.6.15, 10.9.8, 10.10.6, 10.11.5 and 11.0.3: Release Release v6.5.4.1 · shopware/platform · GitHub

Hi @marco.steinhaeuser,
is this Fix only for Update from Shopware 6.4 to 6.5?
As I just did try to Install Shopware with MariaDB 10.5.22, and it is not working.
I got a 500 POST /installer/database-migrate HTTP/1.0 in the Apache Error Log.
And it stops at: Database installation: Step 1 of 1208

Best regards
Marc Schweneke

@DH-MarcSchweneke, could you send the logs, please?

@marco.steinhaeuser, I did solve the problem in the way that i first install it local with Maria DB 10.5.21 and move it than to my hosting. After that I did the last update from 6.5.4 to as the installation file was at that moment still for 6.5.4 and not up to date
Sorry for late answer.
Best regards
Marc Schweneke

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Thanks for your reply :wink: