Shopware local installation

I installed Shopware 6 on my machine, and I try to make API calls, but I am not sure whether the installation is correct on my machine.

How can I make sure that the installation correct is?

How should the end user interface look like? and how should it be acceisble? The admin page for example is accessible locally over http://localhost/admin#/ but I dont know how to access my shop as a client!
The page http://localhost/shopware/ is for example not accessible!
The page http://localhost/ brings a symphony exception like this: 


Unable to find a matching sales channel for the request: http://localhost/shopware". Please make sure the domain mapping is correct.
in C:\Bitnami\shopware-6.1.4-0\apps\shopware\htdocs\vendor\shopware\storefront\Framework\Routing\ RequestTransformer.php  (line 120)

The exact exception is:

throw new SalesChannelMappingException($request->getUri());