Shop Title, Picture and Searchbar/Navigation - missing, add and move

Hi everyone,

  1. the shoptitle is not displayed for some reason

I checked the settings and there is a title but for some reason in the current theme the title is not included. I’m about ot set up my own theme and it inherits from the responsive - any ideas why the title is not displayed?

  1. I want to add another picture in the header

Next to the title of the page there should be a small picutre - what is the best way to put it there and make it reponsive (not visible on tablets and smartphones)

  1. The searchbar is in the middle of the header

Currently the searchbar is in the middle of the header and I want to move it to the very right. But If I use something like left:100% it is not responsive. What is the best way to move the searchbar to the very right and make it repsonsive (so it stays at the right hand side of the page when switching devices)?

Thanks for any advice in advance!