Help in Shopware

Hello I have some questions:

1) It’s possible have, in mobile mode, a button to switch easy the language in my shopware website? because now I have many task so 1) click on menu 2) click on language 3) select language 4) go…              it’s very long passage. I would be have 2 button to switch language quickly

  1. It’s possible add a “categories filter”? I would be have filter section when I flag a categorise and the web site show me products. In short words I would be trasform categories in a selectionable filter with flag

  2. In mobile mode when I ability a filter for search a product I go in a little menu sidebar on left, so for confirm and show the product I tap the “close filter” in top right. But It’s possible have a button down " go on filter’s products!" (if you d’nt understand i post a screen)