Separate customer accounts for two stores on one Shopware installation

Hi guys, I would like to have just one SW6 installation, but two stores (e.g. two sales channels) and I would like to keep their customers separated. I have looked into the database and there is a column ‚sales_channel_id‘ in the customers table and the database even allows inserting multiple records with the same email, but when I register on one store and then try to register on another one under the same email, it says, that I am already registered… Did I miss some setting in the administration or is it somehow possible to keep customers separate for each of the stores? Thanks in advance for advice.

This feature is currently not implemented yet. I recommend you to upvote the following feature request:


I just wanted to say that we would be absolutely thrilled to have this feature as part of the core functionality. I also upvoted the feature request. check this out!