Recovery email is never sent

I’m trying to force my way through some of the shopware questionable ideas and I have faced issue that I don’t know if that is something that is by desing, by mistake or if I have did something that broke this system.
My issue is that emails with password recovery for customers is never send
After quick search I have found that in vendor/shopware/core/Checkout/Customer/SalesChannel/SendPasswordRecoveryMailRoute.php event is dispatched that should send this email

$event = new CustomerAccountRecoverRequestEvent($context, $customerRecovery, $recoverUrl);
$this->eventDispatcher->dispatch($event, CustomerAccountRecoverRequestEvent::EVENT_NAME);

CustomerAccountRecoverRequestEvent::EVENT_NAME is equal to customer.recovery.request and when I try to find listener for this event I have found nothing

bin/console debug:event customer.recovery.request
results in

[WARNING] The event "customer.recovery.request" does not have any registered listeners.

Do I need to install something that will handle this or is it up to me to create listener for it?